Yasam Ayavefe

Yasam Ayavefe serves as the Chairman of the Board at Milaya Capital Limited, an organization wholly owned by its management. With its inception in 2017, Ayavefe played a vital role as a core stakeholder, driven by the company's vision to contribute to a sustainable future. By liberating itself from the influence of traditional banking and insurance, Dr. Ayavefe possesses the autonomy to align the company with his ethical business principles. Emphasizing transparency and efficiency, he has rapidly built a strong reputation for Milaya Capital Limited.

His distinctive approach has garnered significant attention for the company, resulting in impressive returns across various markets. Despite being in its early stages, the company has achieved substantial dividends. Ayavefe perceives it as his responsibility to create fresh opportunities for talented individuals, providing them with transformative experiences. He aims to facilitate their success by continuously seeking bright individuals who possess clear objectives for their portfolios.

Dr. Yasam embarked on his professional journey at a young age, focusing on telecommunications programming and cybersecurity in Turkey and Cyprus. This initial decision became the cornerstone of his career. He harnessed his comprehension of specific sectors and adapted his knowledge to global dynamics. Recognizing the soundness of his choice, he achieved a series of successive triumphs through investments in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the UK, and the Balkans.

Beyond being Chairman at Milaya Capital, Dr. Ayavefe assumes prominent positions as the CEO of Oxotech, MNM Holdings LTD, Pinoroza, and Nevzat Barcin. These companies encompass diverse industries, including blockchain, real estate, hospitality, textiles, telecom, construction, and import-export. Before involvement with these entities, he served as the CEO of Ayavefe LTD and Delsim Communications. Furthermore, he held a partnership position with a telecom company based in the UK and Spain.

Ayavefe's prowess in specific markets is evident, particularly in his successful investments within the technology sector. His expertise is frequently sought by both media outlets and individuals seeking his insights on various subjects. Moreover, his career trajectory reflects a profound understanding of broader global trends. Recognizing the repercussions of geopolitical tensions and trade conflicts between major powers such as China and the United States, Ayavefe adeptly navigates these complexities to safeguard investments, both his own and those of his clients, from the potential impact of evolving circumstances.

While he cannot predict the precise outcomes of his investments, Dr. Ayavefe diligently prepares for the implications of tensions, tariffs, and taxes, which ultimately influence bottom lines. Driven by an unwavering determination for success and a profound sense of responsibility to his clients and the world, Dr. Ayavefe leaves an indelible mark on the business landscape, actively shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.
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